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Smartbin Haven

Smartbin Haven

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Welcome to SmartBin Haven, where innovation meets cleanliness! Our mission is to revolutionize the way you manage waste with our cutting-edge smart sensor trash cans. Say goodbye to manual openings and hello to effortless disposal. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, our bins open automatically, offering a touchless experience that's both hygienic and convenient.

But that's just the beginning. Our SmartBins are designed to adapt to your needs, whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, or office space. With a generous capacity of 11/13 liters, they're perfect for handling daily waste without missing a beat. Plus, the sleek white and gold design adds a touch of elegance to any environment.

Durability meets sophistication in our waterproof wastebaskets, ensuring they withstand the test of time while adding a touch of style to your space. Whether you're disposing of kitchen scraps or bathroom essentials, our SmartBins make the process seamless and efficient.

Join the SmartBin revolution today and experience the future of waste management with SmartBin Haven.



  • The inside of the end of this product is an electronic product, including precision electron,c components.Do not flush with water directly to avoid damage or short circuit to the internal circuit Wipe the internal and external surfaces with a dry wet cloth.

  • Remember do not force the lid to close with external force, otherwise the transmission parts will be damaged.

  • No foreign matters can be adhered to the touch screen buttons, otherwise the use will be affected Only soft cloth can be used to wipe the touch screen area to avoid scratching.

  • If the product is not used for a long time, unplug the battery.


  • 【Motion Sensor Trash Can】This touchless trash can utilizes advanced infrared sensing technology, Infrared sensing mode,Smart touch mode,Infrared touch sensing three mode,0.1 seconds of sensing automatically open the lid, and automatically close the lid if no object movement is detected within 5 seconds.

  • 【Manual Normally Open】If you need to keep the trash can open for an extended period, you can manually press the up-arrow button. After use, simply press the down-arrow button to close the lid of the trash can.

  • 【Silent Opening and Closing】Infrared vibration omnidirectional induction, 30cm optimize long distances, Silent cover closed program.

  • 【Prevents Spreading of Odors】The smart trash can with lid and a one-piece barrel design, ensures a fully sealed enclosure that effectively isolates odors from garbage, maintaining a fresh and pleasant indoor environment.

  • 【Waterproof & Moisture-Proof】This automatic trash can is made of high-quality ABS material, sturdy and durable, and the bottom is non-slip. With an IPX5 waterproof rating, adapt to the bathroom splash environment, to ensure a long time use.

  • 【Convenient Trash Bag Fixing Ring】The fixing ring securely holds the trash bag in place, preventing it from sliding or falling off, It effectively conceals the trash bag inside the bin, maintaining a neat appearance, and easy to put in and take out.

  • 【100% Shopping Experience】If the garbage can sustains any damage or quality issues during transportation, please feel free to contact us, we offer unconditional return & exchange service, ensuring your peace of mind.

Usage Method

  • After the power is turned on, it needs to wait for 5 seconds, and it can be used normally after 5 seconds.

  • When there is an obstacle, the lid of the trash can will always be opened, otherwise 1t will automatically close after 5 seconds.

Instructions for use of battery version:

  • It is recommended to use 3A and above batteries.





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