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Introducing "TowelSphere," your stylish and absorbent solution for bathroom hand towels. This innovative hanging hand towel ball combines functionality with flair, providing a convenient and decorative way to keep your hands dry and clean.

Crafted from high-quality materials, "TowelSphere" is designed to be highly absorbent, ensuring quick and efficient drying of your hands after each use. The unique ball shape with hanging loops adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor while providing easy access to your hand towel whenever you need it.

With its compact design, "TowelSphere" is perfect for small bathrooms or kitchens where space is limited. Simply hang it on a hook or towel rack to keep your hand towel within reach without taking up valuable counter or shelf space.

Say goodbye to damp and messy hand towels – with "TowelSphere," you can enjoy dry and clean hands every time. Upgrade your bathroom experience with this stylish and practical hand towel ball and add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.


Color: grey/ white/ blue

Size: 17*17cm

Material: chenille



Good quality material: Hand towel is made of good quality chenille,  soft and comfortable, super water absorption and hanging well.

Absorbent:   Chenille hand towel is super absorbent, from palm to finger,  enjoy the dry,  soft, comfortable and skin friendly, you can dry your hands quickly.

Dry quickly: Very absorbent and handy,  dries quick

Unique design:  It looks like a ball, simple and  fashion, providing hand wiping function while decorate your kitchen.

Hanging loop: The hand towel with a hanging loop, easy to hang and storage.

Widely used: It is suitable for home, kitchen, bathroom and more.

Multi use: Great for cleaning, dusting,  wiping, soft cloth will not scratch paints or other surfaces.

Compact design: Compact design, it does not take up too much space.





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